The Youth Division:

Who are we? We believe that Zionism isn’t a passing phase – it’s only at the beginning of its path. We believe that even after the State’s establishment, there is still much to do and accomplish. We believe that we need to return Zionism to everyday discussion. We believe that it is the youth who will influence the future of the State and who will change it in the long-term. The Youth Division was founded in order to inspire the young people of Israel to work towards the realization of the Zionist vision.

What do we need? We need you! Young men and women from all over the country: The fate of the nation lies in your hands. We need you to help us to the Zionist vision and love of the land to the nation!

What do we do? 

Zionism in high schools: Giving classes in high schools on historical figures, events, and ideas pertaining to Zionism; putting up Zionist bulletin boards; distributing Zionist publications; participation in interesting lectures.

Zionism by foot: Unique tours all over the country; hiking; visiting museums.

Zionism in thought: Evenings of Zionist discussion throughout the country; giving the holidays meaning – Memorial Day, Independence Day, Jerusalem Day, Lag BaOmer, and Shavuot; specialized seminars; writing content for youth movement counselors and and other youth leaders; participation in Im Tirtzu’s Zionist Thought Seminars in universities; encounters with minorities; reading groups on Zionist thought.

Zionism in action: Volunteering side by side with minorities; helping the elderly; volunteering in a time of emergency.

Zionism in the heart: Keeping Israel both Jewish and democratic; returning values to youth; proudly carrying the torch of Zionism which has been handed down to this generation.

If you want to make a difference and to be a part of something big and Zionist, this is the place to be!

To join the Youth Division send us a mail to [email protected]