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הציונות הלכה לאיבוד – אם תרצו הינה תנועה שרוצה להחזיר את הציונות למרכז. לדבר עברית, להניף את הדגל, לשיר את ההמנון, להסתובב כחול לבן בירושלים, בלי בושה. לדעת ולהרגיש שארץ ישראל היא הבית שלנו. המהפכה הציונית השניה, מחזירים את הציונות למרכז!

This week in the Educational Committee of the Knesset we participated in a debate regarding terror incitement on college universities throughout Israel. We showed a presentation that showed these disturbing occurrences throughout college campuses.

The Knesset heard testimony from students who are afraid to remain within the university. Our very own National Coordinator Shai Rosengarten told the committee “Since Operation Guardian of the Walls, we are seeing a distinct upturn in incitement against Jewish students. We have seen calls to hang collaborators and encouragement to the terrorists in Jenin.

Unfortunately, the educational institutions are not offering a way to prevent these phenomena.”

The Educational Committee Chairman was shocked by our findings and has called for a follow up debate with the heads of all the universities present. We will make university  once again a safe spot for our students!!

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