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הציונות הלכה לאיבוד – אם תרצו הינה תנועה שרוצה להחזיר את הציונות למרכז. לדבר עברית, להניף את הדגל, לשיר את ההמנון, להסתובב כחול לבן בירושלים, בלי בושה. לדעת ולהרגיש שארץ ישראל היא הבית שלנו. המהפכה הציונית השניה, מחזירים את הציונות למרכז!

On June 26, Im Tirtzu held its annual awards ceremony.  Douglas Altabef, member of the Executive Board, wrote beautiful remarks about the ceremony and they are quoted here:


This past Thursday night, my wife Linda and I participated in an event that reminded us both of why we made aliyah almost five years ago.


The occasion was Im Tirtzu’s annual Awards Conference, at which leading citizens were honored for their contribution to Zionism, and student volunteers were honored for their efforts on their respective campuses during the past year.


MK Ze’ev Elkin gave a welcome speech, and Druze former MK Ayub Kara and legendary legislator and Zionist paragon Geula Cohen were honored for the long standing efforts. The keynote speaker was Dr. Dror Eidar, a lecturer at Bar Ilan U. and an expert on Israeli literature and culture. Dr. Eidar appears to be hiloni, meaning secular, though as I have learned here over the years, appearances are deceiving.


What was remarkable about Dr. Eidar’s talk was how spiritual and religious it was. They audience was overwhelmingly secular and the mood of the evening – despite a great awareness and sadness about the continuing captivity of our three boys – was festive. But Dr. Eidar spoke with great passion about the brit mila and the connection that it represents.


It suddenly hit me that there is a strong spiritual aspect to what Im Tirtzu is imparting to its student volunteers. Zionism is not merely a political idea of supporting a state, but also it represents a highly spiritual connection to the Land and to Am Yisrael. For many of the secular kids in the audience, they had found the deeper meaning, the presence larger than themselves through this connection with the Jewish People, the Jewish Land, the Jewish destiny.


When I first met Ronen Shoval, the founder of Im Tirtzu, seven years ago, he talked about the need to save the Jewish People. While I thought that was somewhat presumptuous at the time, I realized last week that he was not far off the mark. Zionism is not only the key to maintaining the Jewish People in their Land,  it is also a way for many to cleave to the Jewish People, a means to  to find their own personal connection to the historic/spiritual renewal of the Jewish People.


I am very humbled to be part of this organization, not the least  for the great passion, energy, commitment and unabashed love coming from the students.


When we first arrived at the event, I ran into Prof. Mordechai Kedar, a very prominent Arabist who also teaches at Bar Ilan. In remarking on the students, Moti said, “You see them and you see our future.” And then we both almost simultaneously said, “And so what a great future it will be.”


During the ceremony I suddenly thought of Bye Bye Birdie, and the great parental lament. “What’s the Matter with Kids Today.” Believe me friends, to see these kids, you think, our future is in very good hands, far better hands than mine were at their age.


In one of the great ironies, or maybe just one of the reality inversions of our time, Im Tirtzu is regularly excoriated by the liberal press for being extreme, and even fascistic. This is a red badge of courage to be worn proudly, because if love of country and the Jewish People is fascistic, someone should direct me to the nearest book burning.


If any of you would like more information about Im Tirtzu, or even would, dare I suggest it, care to support us, please let me know. There is an American 501c3 organization, The Israel Consensus Project, which supports our efforts here in Israel. 


There are few causes as worthy as Im Tirtzu for those who care about the Jewish future.

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