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הציונות הלכה לאיבוד – אם תרצו הינה תנועה שרוצה להחזיר את הציונות למרכז. לדבר עברית, להניף את הדגל, לשיר את ההמנון, להסתובב כחול לבן בירושלים, בלי בושה. לדעת ולהרגיש שארץ ישראל היא הבית שלנו. המהפכה הציונית השניה, מחזירים את הציונות למרכז!
Palestinian Terrorists Tried to Murder our Activist Coordinator Today
Today, Palestinian terrorists tried to murder our National Activist Coordinator Shai Rosengarten and our Ariel University Branch Coordinator Amichai Pessin as they were driving to Hebron.
Today we held one of our regular tours to the Hebron, which concluded with distributing snacks to soldiers. Shai and Amichai were en route to join the group when a terrorist threw a large boulder at the car, shattering the windshield.
Shai managed to keep control of the wheel and steered the car to safety. The rock hit Amichai in the shoulder and Shai was hit with shards of glass. Miraculously, they both emerged only lightly injured.
We will not be deterred. We will not stop organizing tours and activities in Hebron or anywhere else in Israel. On the contrary, this only strengthens our resolve and encourages us to work even harder.
Our enemies are trying to murder us. They are trying to break us. But they will never succeed.

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