Nakba Nonsense

Nakba Nonsense: The booklet that exposes the lies and deceit of the Nakba narrative.

The Palestinian Refugee Lie

This booklet exposes the truth about the “Palestinian refugees” and the United Nations agency that perpetuates the refugee problem and leverages the issue as a tool to destroy the State of Israel.

The Legal Rights to the Land of Israel

This booklet outlines the legal rights of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel.

The New Israel Fund and the BDS Campaign

An overview of the anti-Israel activities of the New Israel Fund and the organizations funded by it, which demonize Israel and the use of similar rhetoric by international organizations in their campaigns to boycott Israel.

Israel under Supreme Court Rule

This booklet details the tools developed by the High Court, contrary to internationally accepted judicial doctrine, to assume unfitting powers of the people and its elected officials.

The Independence Haggadah

The Independence Haggadah is designed to tell the story of Israel’s independence by recreating the historical process that led to Israel’s establishment.