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הציונות הלכה לאיבוד – אם תרצו הינה תנועה שרוצה להחזיר את הציונות למרכז. לדבר עברית, להניף את הדגל, לשיר את ההמנון, להסתובב כחול לבן בירושלים, בלי בושה. לדעת ולהרגיש שארץ ישראל היא הבית שלנו. המהפכה הציונית השניה, מחזירים את הציונות למרכז!

University is a place that no student should fear. That is why we launched a campaign to remove students who pose an active threat  at universities throughout Israel.

This week we launched a campaign to remove Rami Khatib from Tel Aviv university. Rami (pictured below while launching a attack) is a student studying computer science, that during our “Nakba Nonsense” counter-demonstration at Tel Aviv University attacked one of our student activists.

In addition, we launched a campaign to remove Mariam Abu Queider from Ben Gurion University. Abu Queider is a student learning pharmacology, who just got released from house arrest  for being a convicted terrorist supporter and is still free to return to university.

Israeli Universities cannot take risks when it comes to our students!! Especially after the recent attacks throughout Israel, a student who poses a real threat should not be allowed to remain in an Israeli institution.

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